So you’ve considered taking a Beginner Dance lesson in Toronto, but you’re feeling intimidated?

Why you shouldn't be intimidated to take your first dance class

It’s natural to feel a bit in awe of something unknown, and a few nervous jitters are common among first time students, but know that any anxiety will pass very quickly! There’s nothing to be afraid of, and the boisterous hoopla that is swing dancing will distract you in no time!

At Bees’ Knees Dance we create a fun atmosphere for complete beginner adults to learn to dance. We make it easy because we focus on what’s important – having fun! These classes are designed for complete amateurs. You’re not supposed to have any previous experience, and you don’t need a partner. These are novice dance lessons for people with absolutely no experience, and we rotate in the dance classes so there’s no partner required.

Niagara Dance Students having funWe understand that starting a new hobby like dancing which requires mind and body coordination can be a bit disconcerting. But you see, we don’t worry about whether or not you get the steps straight away because we know that you’ll get them eventually… The steps are not what’s important. We don’t lose sight of the enjoyment that dancing should bring. Fun is our top priority. If you don’t have an enjoyable experience in our dance classes then we haven’t done our job. By the end of the class we want to inspire you with the infectious joy of dancing.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to take Beginner Swing Dance lessons with Bees’ Knees Dance

  • These classes are completely recreational. There’s nothing regimented about what we do. Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with the approach that Ballroom or other disciplined dance forms take, swing dancing is part of a completely different culture and we don’t structure things in the same way. Most swing dancing moves are designed to make you laugh, not to look fancy or elegant. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and you shouldn’t either.  Beginner Dance Classes Toronto
  • Swing dancing is a dance for real people. We’re not talking about ballet or Dancing with the Stars or any kind of disciplined, high athletic type of dancing… and no unnatural outfits either. Swing dancing is for real people of all shapes, sizes and ages and perfect for complete amateurs.
  • Swing dancing is Toronto’s best kept secret. Don’t let all of the fun pass you by without checking it out and seeing what you’re missing!
  • The Bees’ Knees school at Yonge & Bloor is more like a club house than a dance studio. No high pressure sales or expensive commitments. People come by even when they aren’t taking classes just to hang out and meet new friends. It’s really a unique place, come see for yourself!

What To Expect at your first Dance Class in Toronto

Before the lesson begins

Students are encouraged to arrive a few minutes before the start time of their first lesson. They can meet/chat with the instructor or the other students, hang up jackets and bags, get settled. The first class is always free, otherwise students may pay for the class either before or after the lesson begins.

Beginning of the lesson

Dance Class Warm Up TorontoEach lesson will vary but in general the classes are structured as follows; greetings & introductions, warm up, introduction to footwork or new concept, the lesson proper, review of material, lesson cool down. Either before or after a warm up the instructor will conduct a very short introductory ice breaker so that everyone can learn each others’ names before the actual lesson begins.

The warm up consists of everyone forming in a circle with the instructor in the middle doing very simple movements. The students follow along with the movements to start getting their blood flowing and the feeling of the material.

Then the actual class will begin at which time the material will vary depending on the type of dance class you are taking. For partnered dance classes the instructor would begin by teaching the basic footwork or with the solo classes they’d begin by slowly starting into the first dance move or concept. Everything is taught in a patient, welcoming, low-stress way so that all of the students are able to follow along comfortably.

At the end of the lesson the instructor will summarize the material covered that day. Also there is often another circle, similar to the warm up, where the teacher leads everyone through simple movements and everyone leaves the class on a high note.

And if you’re still not sure if taking Beginner Dance classes in Toronto is for you, just remember; the first class is completely FREE and no strings attached. So why not just try it out once and form your own opinion?

We welcome you! Try the first class for Free!