Hello experienced dancers!

Click here for information about a similar opportunity for Advanced Followers

Do you ever feel that you spend so much time, energy and money investing in your dancing and that at some point you it would be nice to have that investment pay back a few dollars?

No, this is not spam or an infomercial!

First let me say that in addition to our interest in building a fun and strong dance community in Toronto, at Bees’ Knees Dance we really do appreciate the investment that you make into your dancing. Both the hard work that you put into it, but also your willingness to pay for the classes and workshops that we offer. So now it’s time for us to offer you a bit of a special THANK YOU!


As you may have noticed, we’ve been having a major shortage of leaders in most of our levels and we actually have followers on the waiting list at various levels until JUNE. This has never happened before. We don’t want to lose all those waiting followers, and we also want to find ways to ATTRACT and RETAIN more of you wonderful leaders. So it’s payback time! How’s this for incentive?


Once a month we want to offer a special FOLLOWER FAST TRACK WORKSHOP. It will be a 2 hour workshop that will cover all of the Beginner material for followers and the ladies will be dancing with EXPERIENCED leaders. That means YOU. The workshop will cost double what workshops usually cost – $40 for 2 hours instead of $20. Why the extra price tag? We are going to HIRE EXPERIENCED LEADERS TO DANCE WITH NEW FOLLOWERS.

That’s right, make $20 for every 2 hour workshop in which you lend your expertise!

This is a great opportunity for the new followers because they’ll be able to learn more quickly, and it’s also a great incentive for leaders to work hard to become good dancers so that they can start to get monetary remuneration for their efforts.

So not only will you make a little pocket money, but you’ll be helping to welcome a lot of nice followers to the dance community. How great is that?

***This opportunity will also be open to women who are strong leaders; at least at the Intermediate level but your sex does not matter.


Before I put out any advertising for the actual workshop I’d like to have interested leaders confirm their availabilty for following dates. Please respond by sending me a message that includes a copy of all of these dates with your name beside your available dates.

Confirmed dates:
  • Saturday, May 5th – 5pm to 7pm
  • Saturday, May 5th – 5:15 to 9:15pm
  • Saturday, June 23rd – 4pm to 6pm
  • Saturday, June 23rd – 6:15 to 9:15pm
Thank you for your participating in this new program. Feel free to spread the word and all *experienced* Leaders may apply for the opportunity.  *Preference for participation will of course be given to regular Bees’ Knees dancers first.