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Our Mission

Health Nut’s mission is to provide the world with wholesome nut and seed butters in the most delicious, natural and nutritious flavour combinations possible! We believe that it’s important to nourish the body with whole foods and that the Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (aka. MUFAs), which occur naturally in nuts, seeds, olives, healthful oils, avocados and dark chocolate, are an essential part of a healthy diet. We’re passionate about providing creative, convenient and tasty ways for people to enjoy more “good fats” in their diet. Celebrate the health benefits of natural nutty goodness – the Health Nut way!

Health Nut Products:

Pecan Pie Butter
Ingredients: raw pecans, apple butter
• 100g sampler $5.00
• 250g $12
• $500g $24

Spiced Pumpkin Seed Butter
Ingredients: roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, agave, autumn spices, sea salt
• 100g sampler $4
• 250g $9
• 500g $16

Cinnamon Bun Butter
Ingredients: almonds, agave, cinnamon, almond oil, sea salt
• 100g sampler $4
• 250g $8
• 500g $15

Oh Canada!
Ingredients: raw almonds, real Canadian maple syrup, almond oil
• 100g sampler $4
• 250g $9
• 500g $16

Ingredients: roasted hazelnuts, roasted almonds, almond oil, cocoa, agave, sea salt
• 100g sampler $4
• 250g $10
• 500g $19

Macaroon Butter
Ingredients: raw macadamia nuts, coconut, agave
• 100g sampler $4
• 250g $10
• 500g $20

Coconut Butter
Ingredients: coconut, coconut oil, agave
• 100g sampler $3
• 250g $6
• 500g $8

About Health Nut

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Mandi who was nutty for nut and seed butters. This was rather funny because as a young girl, she hadn’t been a peanut butter sandwich kind of a kid. In fact, the attraction of a good old PB&J sandwich didn’t present itself to her until she began to travel as a young adult. She loved living abroad but found herself craving one specific food that she associated with North America and sang the comforts of home; almond butter!

Once she moved back to Canada, she developed a truly nutty passion for nut and seed butters. She discovered that incorporating more nuts, seeds and other healthy Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (aka. MUFAs), which occur naturally in nuts, seeds, olives, healthful oils, avocados and dark chocolate, gave her more energy, helped her to manage her weight and generally made her happier and more satisfied.

One of the world’s greatest flavour combinations truly is peanut butter and jam… followed by peanut butter and chocolate… And these are certainly delicious, but in a very common and accessible way. For many people, other nuts such as almond, hazelnut, pecan, macadamia etc. provide more sophisticated flavour profiles and also offer increased and diverse health benefits.