It’s Holiday time! The perfect time to get close with the people you care about! And what’s closer than Balboa!? NOTHING. NOTHING IS CLOSER THAN BALBOA.

Come out and learn why Balboa is so often called “the dancer’s dance”.

Do you love fast music? Fancy feet? Love that magic conversation that happens on the dance floor? We do too!

Balboa originated in Southern California in the 1930’s as a way to navigate very crowded dance floors and fast tempos. Clever Balboa patterns allowed couples to dance on jam packed floors without breaking a sweat. As the dance evolved, inspiration came from Lindy Hop and other swing era dances: using stretch, swing, and rotation, Bal Swing was born!

In this special December 2-week series, we’ll start by introducing that characteristic Balboa connection and work in the fun breakaway elements characteristic of Bal Swing – you’ll learn about the joyful, subtle musicality of Balboa while you start to twist, turn, and toss out.

No previous Balboa experience necessary!

Already taken Intro to Bal Swing, but want to… ahem… brush up? This crash course will move through all the Beginner Bal Swing material in just 2 sessions and give you plenty of time to practice your moves.

1 class in 2 sessions: Tuesday, December 3 & 10, 2 hours each class from 7:05 to 9:05pm.

More information on Balboa at Bees’ Knees Dance here.