Coming Spring of 2012!

Lindy Hop Swing Dance Lessons for Youth!

Ages 14 to 18

Learn Lindy Hop, the original Swing Dance!

Bees’ Knees Dance is thrilled to announce the addition of youth programs starting in April 2012. The program will be offered to both male and female students, aged 14 to 18. Mature 13 year olds may also apply. We hope to expand the program to a broader age range in the coming months.

Swing dancing is joyful, free spirited and infectious. Students will fall in love with Lindy Hop, the original dance of the swing era. Sometimes known as Jitterbug, Lindy Hop evolved in the 1920’s and dominated dance halls throughout the Great Depression until World War II. It is an unabashedly joyful dance, with a solid, flowing style that closely reflects its music — from the late 20’s hot Jazz to the early 40’s Big Bands. The dance evolved along with the new swing music, based on earlier dances such as the Charleston and the Black Bottom, by the African American community in Harlem. The name Lindy Hop was inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s flight to Paris in 1927, when the newspaper headline read: “LINDY HOPS THE ATLANTIC”.

Lindy Hop is a partnered social dance but students don’t need to bring their own partner. We rotate during the class so that everyone has a chance to meet and dance with many different people. Partners are connected in a playful lead/follow relationship. Absolutely no experience or partner are required.

More information coming soon, or please contact us to be notified of the latest youth program updates.