Hey Swing moviegoers!
I just wanted to thank everyone who made it out to our first edition of “Swingin’ At the Movies”. Watching these clips with other passionate Lindy Hoppers was a lot fun.  It was a learning experience for everyone, including myself.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, the 2 hours included videos dating back to the original days of Lindy Hop and continued on to the present day community. I also gave context and discussed some of the history behind what we were watching.
If you love this dance (and that’s a YES), you don’t want to miss the next one.
See you on the dance floor! (Or at the movies)


Swingin’ At The Movies!

Greetings Lindy Hoppers!

With all the classes and workshops offered at Bees’ Knees, we’ve decided to add something a little different. In addition to our blood pumping t-shirt soaked classes, we thought it was time to schedule some good old-fashioned lazy afternoon movie-watching awesomeness.  On the afternoon of Saturday, March 26, I will be hosting our first installment of Swingin’ at the Movies.  Each two hour installment will include a series of videos, highlighting great moments in Lindy Hop history from its early beginnings until today.

The footage we’ll be watching for this first edition will include the following:

  • Performances by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, arguably the best Lindy Hop troupe there ever was.  
  • The origins of some of Lindy Hop’s traditional Vintage Jazz routines known world-wide.
  • Interviews with famous dancers of yesterday and today.
  • Great moments in competition and performance.
  • Footage from the new DVD documentary Dancing The Big Apple 1937, chronicling the history of one of Lindy Hop’s most well-known Jazz routines.
  • Footage from the DVD documentary “Queen of Swing”, a biography on the life of Norma Miller, one of Lindy Hop’s original creators and innovators.  This DVD hasn’t even been released officially, so be one of the privileged few to check it out!

If you consider yourself a true dedicated Lindy Hopper (all of you), you can’t miss this opportunity.  And all this for only $5!  Woo Hoo!

BYOP&K (Bring Your Own Popcorn & Kool-Aid)

See you there!

~ Phil

Swingin’ At The Movies with Phil!
Saturday, March 26th
4pm to 6pm
765B Yonge St.
$5 donations for rent would be appreciated.

Please confirm your attendance on our Registration Page under Special Workshops/Troupes.