Bees’ Knees Dance is pleased to bring you our latest feature: Song of the Week!

Song: Lawd, Lawd

Artist: Cecil Scott And His Bright Boys

Description: “Lawd, Lawd” – vintage slang for “Lord, Lord”.

When I first heard this song DJ’d at Midwest Lindy Fest I had an amazing dance with mypartner. The playfulness made me get a little silly, the scatting made my feet move with all kindsof rhythms and it’s repetitive yet spirited singing of the words “Lawd, Lawd” made me singalong.

According to, “The band prospered, playing at the Savoy and Roselandballrooms and touring to St. Louis and elsewhere. They featured showmanship, smoothdanceable tunes and really advanced hot arrangements.”

Check ‘em out!You can find the song on iTunes and listen to the whole song here. You can also find it on the Dickie Wells Chronological Classics 1927-1943 album.