Join Toronto’s Shaggers, Phil and Reesa, for a special introductory taste of Collegiate Shag!

Shall we Shag now or shall we shag later? … Let’s Shag now!

Collegiate Shag is a swing dance popular with the College set in the 1930’s and has a history similar to other jazz and swing era dances. Also known as the “Flea Hop”, the dance is known for its hopping basic step and high energy footwork that separates it from other forms of swing and other forms of “Shag”. Shag has a very animated and youthful style, best suited to fast tempos, and a great addition to your dance repertoire.

Shag Workshops

  • Sunday, June 24th – Introduction to Shag Crash Course, 4pm to 6pm, $20 in advance/$23 at the door


Introduction to Shag

This introductory level is ideal for students at the 1.5 dance level or higher, for people with other dance experience, or even for ambitious Beginners who are up for an athletic challenge. Phil and Reesa will start from the basic and move you into dancing Shag socially. Take this series to prepare for a higher Shag level coming soon!

Progressive Shag

You’ve got the basic Shag steps down and you’re hooked! Phil and Reesa are ready to give you more.

Prerequisites for Shag 1.5: must have completed at least one Introductory Shag Workshop and be comfortable with with Shag basics in open and closed, Shag Turn, Breaks, Change of Places.

Location: 765B Yonge St. at Yonge & Bloor, right above Starbucks

Please visit our Registration Page to reserve your spot. Listed under Special Workshops/Troupes.

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