So far, so good!

Having celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Bees’ Knees Dance in Toronto this fall, I feel confident that I can really bring something wonderful to a new city. It’s a bit frightening too, and a very busy time, . Preparations to launch in St. Catharines have been all consuming and very positive. I can’t believe that our big launch party/open house is just 2 weeks away on March 3rd.

Some interesting things have happened in the last couple of weeks. I was lucky enough – and completely blown away – to find that there’s actually a small Swing Dance group in the nearby town of Virgil. What a wonderful surprise! They’re called the Niagara Lindy Hop Club and they’re led by a wonderful gal named Christine who learned to dance when she was at University at Western. She’s done amazing things to get her group started there. What’s remarkable is that the word has spread completely via word of mouth and the group is now 25 people strong. I’ve enjoyed visiting their weekly dance practice the past few weeks.

It’s very encouraging to receive such a great welcome so far. The response via Facebook and Google has been great so far, as well as response to the advertising I’ve been doing around town. I think that what Bees’ Knees Dance offers will really be an enriching opportunity for the community here.

Can’t wait until March 3rd!