Bees’ Knees Dance is excited to introduce our new teaching duo in Toronto. Phil Bourassa joins the team to partner with Chelea Lefaivre. Chelsea joined the team in the spring to help out while Shannon and Jasper were abroad and we’re excited to give them their very own classes, now on Sundays at 4pm!

Here’s a video of a performance that Phil and Chelsea did together.

Phil Bourassa

Dance Instructor (Toronto)

Phil lives and breathes Lindy Hop. After having tried other forms of dance, he was invited to a Swing dance at the Palais Royal in Toronto where he saw Lindy Hop for the first time. He was immediately hooked.

His passion for Lindy Hop, its culture and its history has sent him to cities all over Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia, dancing and working with some of the world’s top dancers.

Phil loves to perform and usually never gives up the opportunity to dance in front of an audience. In Toronto, he’s been a part of two local dance troupes, including Capital Dance Productions. He’s also been featured twice on Much Music’s Much on Demand, CP24, Nuit Blanche, The Luminato Festival, and many other festivals and charity events in the Toronto area.

When he’s not out social dancing, Phil enjoys training, writing choreography, DJing at Swing dances, rehearsing routines, watching dance videos, tap dancing and teaching. His main goal in teaching is to share his passion for the dance, promote awareness and improve the local scene.

Chelsea Lefaivre

Dance Instructor (Toronto)

Chelsea comes from an early background of ballet, tap and jazz training, however, these interests quickly gave way to hockey and soccer. She rediscovered dance – in particular swing dance – at her University’s swing dance club and has been swinging out ever since. Her love of dance stems from a deep-seated desire to fly which she acquired from multiple, repetitive viewings of Mary Poppins and Peter Pan. From this, evolved a passion for fast dancing and aerials – her dance specialties. She is also known for her skill in Rock and Roll, Charleston, Balboa and East Coast Swing. She can often be found flying around the various dance floors of the Toronto scene and many other cities during her travels.