Mandi, Phil, Jasper and some other Toronto dancers attended the International Lindy Hop Championships last weekend. Lindy Hop is certainly more of an art than it is a sport, but sometimes these competitions produce an opportunity to showcase something truly fabulous.

Check out these two junior dancers. Alexis is only 14 and Cyle is 16! They couldn’t possibly swing any better.

And everybody’s favourite, the Invitational Jack n’ Jills that wrap up the weekend. Here are the winners, which happened to coincide with my own favourite top 3.

3rd Place: Kevin & Isa

2nd Place: Skye & Ramona

1st Place: Frida & Thomas

Incidentally, Thomas told me afterward that he and Frida had only ever danced once before. That’s one of the best things about social dancing, it’s truly social!