Tales from Lindy Bout X

March 31 – April 3, 2016 (Vancouver, BC)
Go Sweatbands!!! With only two hours in Vancouver to practise the routine as a team, our final Lindy Bout Team Division performance looks awesome!

Hailing from Edmonton, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto, thanks a bunch to the rest of the Sweatbands crew: Julie Kiraly, John Marian, Lindsay Giese, Claudia Nobauer, Brett Nakashima, Vicky Dance, Darryl Glen, Heather Moore, Lee Broxson

A very special thanks to Julie Kiraly for choreographing the routine with me and the rest of team who also contributed to its badassery. Wish we could practise another two hours and perform it again…


The Interregional Jack & Jill is one of the zaniest and best competitions in the greater world of Lindy Hop. As my favourite competition at Lindy Bout in Vancouver, I get nervous every year about whether I’ll make the finals. It’s so good!! This year I was paired with one of my favourite Lindy Bouters and fellow silly dance enthusiast, Claudia NoBauer! The competition begins like most Lindy Hop Jack & Jills, but then the real fun begins…