Leaders, this is your chance to learn exactly how to please a woman… a Lindy Hop follower, that is!

But seriously. We’re setting up a special kind of new workshop where all of the focus will be on level 1.5 leaders. What’s more, you’ll be dancing with Advanced followers during the workshop. So not only will you have the instruction of the teacher, you’ll also have experienced dancers as partners who can help you to master the subtleties of Lindy Hop technique.

This will be a terrific boost to your dancing! It might be just what you’ve been waiting for. 

Become one of the most popular leaders on the dance floor!

For Leaders at the 1.5 level who really want to push their dancing and master their social dance technique, this is the chance for you!


  • Saturday, June 2nd – 4pm to 6pm – Leader Intensive – $40 in advance/$43 at the door*
  • More dates coming soon!

Space is limited for these exclusive sessions. Register now!

*It’s very unlikely that there will be space at the door for this workshop. Payment should be made in advance. Thanks!

With special guest, Dr. Krister Shalm!