Kevin in a hat

Kevin Miller is a dance instructor at Bees’ Knees Dance in Toronto.

“I just put in some research buying a hat myself. So here’s the skinny on hat shopping in Toronto:

If you’re looking to go cheap because you don’t need a black hat or don’t need a hat period. Your best bet is Honest Ed’s, with the Bay as a close second (they have a sale on their winter stock right now.) But any department store will do. If on the other hand you would like to invest in a quality hat here are some options.

Big It Up: found in many malls has an ok selection of hats with pretty good quality, plus their brand is actually carried at many others hat shops around town.

Brimz (on Queen st. West): fair selection, they carried many of the same hats as Big It Up. Worth a look.

Goorin Bros. (Queen and Spadina): they only carry their own brand, all hand made, fine quality. I found they don’t have a very larger selection, and their hats don’t have a lot of structure. Which is not preferable for our purposes, but I wouldn’t discount them on that account if you like their hats. Also nice feature you get to choose your own feather.

Kevin MillerLastly, Hat Depot (Pape and Dandorth): this is where I usually buy my hats, wide variety, very good quality. I like shopping here because it’s a family owned independently operated business. Plus if you get a bunch if people together he might cut you a deal! On a side not they also make custom flat caps in house in a variety of different styles for a reasonable price.

There are many other shops in the city, but these are the ones I have personally visited.

It is my opinion that everyone should own at least one hat and know when, where, and how to wear it. Respect hat wearing and the etiquette that goes with it is a dying tradition that should be preserved. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy hat shopping!

P.S. This is all if you’re looking to by new of course. You can also find used hats at thrift/vintage stores. But style, size, and colour are a total crap shoot!”