Jasper’s Jazz Bootcamp

Jasper PalfreeSaturday, October 8th
3pm to 5pm, $20
The Hive, 765B Yonge St.

It happens to all of us. The Plateau. Our usual moves just don’t quite cut it anymore and we stare at our feet with an air of “meh”. Sometimes your jazz just needs a stiff kick in the foot. Presenting Jasper’s Jazz Bootcamp. “Boogie Drop and give me 20’s charleston!” The Jazz Bootcamp will push your jazz/charleston comfort level and vocabulary to the frontline.

Level: Intermediate and up. (But since this is a solo class, all are welcome. Just don’t expect a reteach of Suzie Qs. 🙂

Prerequisites: Knowledge of ~90% of the “Transitions Jazz Steps” linked and listed here is strongly recommended.

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