Join Arthur & Heather this Tuesday at 8pm for the kick off of their fall Intermediate Lindy Hop lessons.


Now, you know how it can be… In the past, it’s sometimes been hard to uphold the level of a class to the standard that the level title describes. “Intermediate” might have been called Intermediate, but the level sometimes had to be dropped to accommodate less experienced dancers.

And as more experienced dancers, even though we love the new dancers and want to encourage their progress, we still get very tired of that.

It’s exactly for this reason that Bees’ Knees Dance has not wanted to title a class as “Advanced” up until now. Because we don’t ever want to have a class that’s called Advanced but that isn’t actually advanced. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone.


Well, no more. As of this fall we’re upholding the Intermediate level to be a true Intermediate class. Students who aren’t deemed to be ready for the class will be asked to move to the 1.5 level or encouraged to catch up with a few private lessons.

This will ensure that the students who are truly Intermediate (and higher) can learn in the kind of high level environment that they deserve. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in your dancing and we’re going to help you to get even farther.


As for Advanced, Bees’ Knees Dance is now holding a Level 3 Advanced Lindy Hop Performance & Training group. This is a limited and exclusive opportunity and we’re sold out for the fall but there will be more opportunities for Advanced progression in our winter sessions. You can sign up for Winter 2011 now or contact us for more information.


So for all of you Intermediate dancers, we are very happy to bring you this opportunity and hope to see you this Thursday! Pre-register at


Mandi, Arthur & Heather