Visiting New York City?

As so many Lindy Hoppers before you, I recommend making the pilgrimage to the Savoy Plaque in Harlem.

  • Take the #2 or #3 line and get off at 135th St.
  • Walk 5 blocks uptown on Lenox Avenue.
  • The monument is on the west side of the avenue between 140th and 141st Streets. (Judy Pritchett says, “I think that’s wrong — should be EAST side of the avenue, but if faces west so maybe that’s what they were thinking.”)

Judy, from the Frankie Manning Foundation, was kind enough to add a few details to the map from the Savoy Plaque website – she was trying to think of anything that might confuse someone. It is a straight shot from the subway, up Lenox Ave (the street numbers go up). The cross streets are cut off at 140 and 141 St so it might be confusing if you came through some other way.

The #2 or #3 trains go through Times Square — very easy to find. Head uptown. In recent years there may be changes in the #3 and whether it stops at 135th St. Ask.

It is possible to go in the wrong direction when you get off the subway and I think maybe that’s what happened to you. Make sure to walk to the corner and head uptown on Lenox Ave, not Fifth Ave.

Hot to get to the Savoy Plaque in Harlem

Geoffrey Holmes & Mandi Gould dancing at the Savoy

Liz Gruening and Jay Hay dancing at the Savoy

Mandi Gould and Krister Shalm dancing at the Savoy