Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work and the incredible results that amounted Saturday’s three performances of The History of Swing. I was absolutely amazed by how well the show turned out. I knew that you would all be great but it was really beyond that. The show pulled together into something really professional and memorable and you should all be SO PROUD OF YOURSELVES!

AND the show raised $1408.30 to put toward running the Frankie Tribute Weekend and then later toward the Frankie Manning Foundation itself. Hip hip hurray!

Special thanks to the following people:

  • Andy for providing the awesome space that is our Dovercourt House
  • Simon and Swing Toronto for teaming with us to make the everything work in one night
  • Geoffrey Holmes for his extensive help with the video, projection equipment, and putting up with yours truly
  • Divya for being Deck Captain!
  • Lisa for being our Ticket Master!
  • James & Heather, Masters of Pizza!
  • Our lovely videographer (whose name completely escapes me, sorry!) Videos coming soon.
  • Everyone who helped to sell tickets!

And in the show itself:

  • Martha for her loyal work with the Lady Bugs as well as scrambling to learn the finale in one week’s time
  • Riz for pulling together his own choreography and his own group, as well as Terri for choreographing her lady’s section
  • Arthur for his outstanding 1920s choreography
  • Jasper & Shannon for the welcoming choreography and encouragement they brought to our Beginner Choreography groupe! And bravo to all of the dancers who performed for the very first time!
  • Phil & Reesa for their amazing work with the Balboa team, and awesome Shag!
  • Caitlin for her work with the Comp & Show group
  • Rachel for pulling together an awesome group for Sixteen Tons
  • Glen & Drea for the hard work they’ve put in to Rock Sock The Boogie and their great choreography
  • Jonathon & Carlynn who I think everyone agreed really stole the show with their unique contemporary choreography
  • Phil for his leadership in the various teacher performances, and all of the teachers who rocked it out up there!
  • Phei Mei, Drea, Glen, Jonathon, Riz, and others who were in so very MANY numbers. You guys are amazing!!!!
  • I’m really sorry if I’ve forgotten to thank some other people. We love all of you. đŸ™‚

Stay tuned for show information for 2013 coming in the fall! Saturday, April 6th, 2013.



Thank you to Phil Tucker for the lovely photos!