Chelsea LefaivreHave you ever wondered what the teachers at Bees’ Knees do in their spare time? Naturally, we dance! Sometimes just for fun, but sometimes we get all dolled up and triple-step over to a swanky gala for a very worthy cause….In September, four of the Bees’ Knees gang taught, danced and partied at the Wild Ball, a fundraiser gala for the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

The Toronto Wildlife Centre is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to caring for sick or injured wildlife in the Greater Toronto Area – as far away as Barrie, Peterborough and Hamilton. Their Wildlife Hotline handles over 30,000 calls per year! They also perform wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

The teachers performed a short piece to a song by Blue Lu Barker that was specially chosen for the event: At the Animal Fair …(but the lyrics say At the Animal Ball.)

Congratulations to Joanna who won the Bees’ Knees gift certificate during the silent auction!

Check out the cool animal ears that Heather and I got to wear! 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the Toronto Wildlife Centre, to volunteer or to donate, please visit: