Thank you for being a part of the History of Swing on March 31st!
***Important information enclosed.

Please share all of this information with everyone in your group(s). The show order is as follows this message. (Please let me know if you’ve accidentally received this message twice.)

1) Costumes/dress – Please make sure that you have appropriate dress planned for the show. This is a historical show so no jeans and please coordinate any modern clothing in such a way that it looks swing-appropriate. Also, we do not have a green room so you’ll need to pack and organize your things in a careful way. Please don’t bring more than you really need since storage space will be an issue.

2) Show times & Call times – everyone must be ready for a roll call at 2pm for the day. There will only be a short break between the 1st show and second show, so please bring everything that you need and plan to stick around the Dovercourt for those 2 shows. After the second show, I’ll have pizza delivered for everyone. (Heather O’Shea, can you be my helper for ordering the vegan pizzas???) You’ll be free to do as you pleased until the evening call time of 7:15pm SHARP.

2pm – Call Time for the day with roll call
2:30 – doors open for 1st show
3pm – 1st show
4:30pm – doors open for 2nd show
5pm – 2nd show
6pm to 7:15 – free time/pizza party
7:15 – SHARP call time for evening show
7:30pm – doors open for evening show
8pm – evening show

3) Tickets – there are now tickets for the 5pm show at the studio. Please encourage your friends to purchase them quickly because they will sell out! We have just a few tickets left for the 3pm show too. We’ll offer some standing room for the evening show for $5 but the show is a full 60+ minutes so it’s a long time to stand.

4) Floors – we will be on the 1st floor for the first two shows. However, we’ll need to move all of the chairs upstairs because the evening show is on the 2nd floor. FAVOUR: if everyone helps to move a couple of chairs upstairs it will go much more smoothly. Thank you in advance!

5) Ushers & Seating – I would love to ask the Lady Bugs & The Honey Bees if they could be ushers for the seating process. Cool cool?

6) Running Time – the show will be a full 60+ minutes.



The Lady Bugs – Maple Leaf Rag

Yellow Jackets: Melancholy by Johnny Dodds.
Intermediate Choreo – That’s a Plenty
Reesa, Shannon, Heather Trio – Dinah

1.5 Choreo – Vagabond Blues and It Don’t Mean a Thing
Tranky Doo – BKD teachers (& juniors?)
BKD Performance Troupe – When I Get Low
BIG APPLE – BKD teachers (& juniors?)

The Honey Bees – Washer Woman
Balboa Choreo – Vol Vist Du Gaily Star /Jan Savitt Orchestra
BKD Performance Troupe – In The Mood
SHAG – Digga Doo (SONG CHANGE????)
Comp & Show Group – Clap Your Hands but Lucky Millinder

Rachel’s Group – Sixteen Tons
Rock Sock The Boogie – Johnny B. Goode

Modern Savoy
Jonathon & Carlynn – Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down

Finale – A Return to the Roots of Lindy Hop
TEACHERS – Riff Time by Erskine Hawkins


Please let me know if you have any questions.