2018_NicolaNicola Banger

Nicola has been dancing ever since she could walk. She started ballet and jazz classes when she was 3, and although she took a break from dance to focus on other sports in high school, she was always a dancer at heart. When she went to her first Lindy Hop dance as an adult, it was love at first sight: she immediately knew that she had found her calling. She went out dancing at every opportunity, and within a year she found herself teaching and performing – she has never looked back. Nicola is unable to keep still when she hears a swinging tune, and is at her happiest when dancing socially to a live band. She also loves to perform for an audience, and is a member of professional troupe “That Swing.” She specializes in fast and energetic dancing, and as a former cheerleader, has a special place in her heart for aerials.

Nicola is bursting with enthusiasm, and loves to share her passion for the dance and the music with her students. She currently teaches beginner classes and coaches the Killer Diller Bees competitive troupe. Off the dance floor, Nicola is a sports medicine physiotherapist, which influences her teaching style. You can expect classes with Nicola to be fun and challenging, with a strong focus on body awareness, controlled and purposeful movement.


Phil Bourassa

Phil lives and breathes Lindy Hop. After having tried other forms of dance, he was invited to a Swing dance at the Palais Royal in Toronto where he saw Lindy Hop for the first time. He was immediately hooked. His passion for Lindy Hop, its culture and its history has sent him to cities all over Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia, dancing and working with some of the world’s top dancers. Phil loves to perform and usually never gives up the opportunity to dance in front of an audience. In Toronto, he’s been a part of two local dance troupes, including Capital Dance Productions. He’s also been featured twice on Much Music’s Much on Demand, CP24, Nuit Blanche, The Luminato Festival, and many other festivals and charity events in the Toronto area. When he’s not out social dancing, Phil enjoys training, writing choreography, DJing at Swing dances, rehearsing routines, watching dance videos, tap dancing and teaching. His main goal in teaching is to share his passion for the dance, promote awareness and improve the local scene.


Ashley Bratty

Ashley has been in love with dancing ever since she can remember. But while growing up with ballet was a lot of fun… finding the Lindy Hop world in 2011 was like coming home. She was immediately sold on the supportive community, the joyous music, and, above all else, the positive energy and appreciation for silliness that Lindy Hop embodies. Ashley hopes to foster in new Bees the same love for positivity and friendly support that first drew her to Lindy Hop! She lives for moments where students see in themselves a hidden ability to dance like a pro that they hadn’t realized was there before!

An anti-violence worker by profession, Ashley is also a committed advocate for fostering inclusivity and safety in Lindy Hop classes and events. She actively works to make, and keep, this community a loving and safe space for anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of it.

2018_BasilBasil Flanagan

Basil has been swing dancing since spring 2014 and can’t believe he didn’t start sooner. He quickly got hooked and came to Bees Knees Dance to take his new dance hobby to the next level. Basil soon found himself taking every class he could get his hands and feet on, expanding his swing umbrella to include Balboa, Tap, Jazz, and Cane Tricks.

Basil came to dancing through his love of listening and performing jazz, and strives to approach dancing as a continuation of his considerable musical training. His teaching approach focuses on “feel” and musicality while getting new dancers confident and out on the social floor as soon as possible.


Kris Light

Kris was introduced to Lindy Hop and Bees’ Knees Dance while choreographing a musical featuring none other than James Everett in the Fall of 2011. A classically trained ballerina with decades of performance and competition experience in tap, modern jazz, lyrical and musical theatre, Kris found the leap to Lindy Hop challenging but endlessly rewarding.

A founding performer with professional troupe That Swing!, Kris specializes in 1920’s Charleston, sultry Slow Dance and characteristic performance styles of the Golden Age of Hollywood (Fosse, Rogers/Astaire, Kelly/Charisse).

Classes with Kris are goofy and explorative, with a strong focus on pushing personal boundaries. She incorporates techniques and aesthetics from other classic dance forms to increase body awareness and encourage students to uncover their own personal swing styling!

2018_ArthurArthur Lulu

Since 1998 Arthur Lulu has been living, breathing, and dancing the Lindy Hop. He has been an integral part of the Toronto Lindy Hop/Swing Dance scene as a dancer, teacher, performer, event coordinator, and ambassador. With its rich history, heritage, and energetic, playful nature, Arthur immediately gravitated to this original swing dance.

A teacher for various studios/organizations in Toronto since 2001, Arthur has performed with well known musical acts Big Rude Jake, Colin James, and Jeff Healey to name a few. He has performed at The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Canadian National Exhibition, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto’s Beaches International Jazz Festival and The Opening Night Gala at The Toronto International Film Festival. He has also appeared on Breakfast Television and was featured in Alex Pangman’s One Night in Monte Carlo video.

2018_JasperJasper Palfree

Jasper began dancing when he moved to Toronto in 2009. His studies of theoretical physics catered to his lindy hop habit, and he became actively involved in the University of Toronto Swing Dance Club. He began teaching at Bees’ Knees Dance in 2010.

Jasper is a patient and dedicated teacher, and leads classes that cater to diverse learning styles. He is known for using exercises, games, or even “tricks” to help students unlock their dance potential. Jasper draws inspiration for his classes from classic clips of vernacular jazz dancing, particularly of the Nicholas brothers or Al Minns and Leon James.

2018_ShannonShannon Refvik

Shannon is a vivacious dancer and performer who specializes in Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz. Since having started dancing in 2006 she has become an integral part of the Toronto scene and is one of the co-founders of the University of Toronto Swing club.

She draws inspiration from lively dancers like Frida Segerdahl. Her teaching style really reflects the idea that “Anyone can dance”, and because of this she especially enjoys teaching beginners. She loves seeing beginners achieve feats of footwork that they themselves never thought they could do.

hs_steph-168x168Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor (née McKernan) dances, organizes, performs, judges, teaches and sometimes even competes. Technically she specializes in the field of African American Vernacular Jazz Dancing; her favourite part of all that is the Lindy hop and solo Jazz dancing. Her dancing trademark is a special mix of inspiring musicality, solid social and performance dancing skills, and unpredictable explosions of excitement. Her ‘mad dancing skillz’ earned her several top three placements at the Pacific Northwest Lindy Hop Championship and the Harvest Moon Ball Competition at the Killer Diller Ball. She has performed and taught at events across the Pacific Northwest and in Toronto.

She founded and continues to produce and direct the biggest and best weekend of dancing in Western Canada, Lindy Bout. Since moving to Toronto she has had the pleasure of teaching for and performing with many of the organizations that promote Lindy hop and Jazz in Toronto: Bees Knees Dance, Capital Dance Productions, Hogtown Swing, Toronto Lindy Hop, Toronto Swing Dance Society, Swing Toronto, Swing and Tap Academy and UT Swing. She has performed and taught at events such as Luminato, the Canadian National Exhibition and Ontario Place.

2018_CaitlinCaitlin Wellman

Caitlin seriously got in to Lindy Hop in 1997 at the age of 15 in Ithaca, NY. With fellow students from her Alternative school she was a founding member of the multi-award winning performance troupe Minnie’s Moochers who most recently performed together again at the Frankie95 Celebration in New York City. Before setting down as a regular instructor in Toronto she was in demand as a teacher across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia for many years. She has also been the Director and Choreographer for Toronto based performance troupes The Flappettes and Capital Dance Productions.

As an instructor, her focus is on solid lead/follow technique – based on momentum, connection, and rhythm – which helps her students enjoy the dance on a deeper level and become more connected to the music and their partner. Her teaching is clear, articulate, and full of fun with many creative ways of helping you improving your dancing.







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