Think you’re ready for Lindy Hop 3 at Bees’ Knees Dance? Here are some of the things that we expect from students at this level. You don’t have to be an expert at all of them, but you should be pretty good at most and be actively working on others. Check in with a Bees’ Knees Dance instructor if you would like to be considered for the class – they may ask you to spend some time working on certain concepts from this list before you can join.


Both roles:

  • Maintains good Lindy Hop posture (athletic fold)
  • Engaged frame (shoulders back and down)
  • Maintains pulse
  • Comfortable using triple steps to move across the floor in varioius directions
  • Dances musically, allowing the music to influence the quality of motion throughout as well as variations or moves chosen
  • Takes classes and workshops with an open mind (not set in their ways)
  • Good repertoire of solo vernacular jazz movements, including variations and transitions between



  • Relaxed arms
  • Can respond to changes in leader’s tone
  • Maintains momentum with or without turning
  • Swivels or variations flow naturally into and out of the rest of a swing out or other movements
  • Maintains balance
  • Comfortable turning down a line with steps and kick-steps
  • Comfortable practicing new variations and familiar with the idea of improvising variations
  • Can follow well from unusual connection points (hips, shoulder, left arm)
  • Contributes ideas to the dance



  • Good repertoire of basic shapes including 8-count, 6-count, and charleston material (1 and 1.5 level material for sure, could recall level 2 material after a quick demo)
  • Good floorcraft and ability to modify moves mid-way through if necessary
  • Can lead with either arm
  • Can lead outside the 6 or 8 count move structure
  • Leads from the body
  • Can modify the way they lead moves based on instructions, to try something new or achieve a new aesthetic/feel
  • Follows the followers motion, absorbing as they complete their motion and using that to re-directing into the next motion