Toronto Lindy Hop

Toronto Lindy Hop is a non-profit/community organization dedicated to improving and enriching the swing dancing experience in Toronto. They are dedicated to building a friendly, vibrant and fun social Lindy Hop community. We want everyone in our community, from enthusiastic beginners to experienced dancers, to feel welcomed and empowered.


Swing Toronto

Swing Toronto are the friendly producers of some of the most established and terrifically fun dance events in the city of Toronto, including Saturday Night Swing at the Dovercourt House!


UT Swing

UT-Swing is the University of Toronto’s beginner-friendly swing dance club! Every Wednesday night throughout the school year, they host a beginner lesson followed by social swing dancing.

Black Cat Boogie

Black Cat Boogie

Headed up by former Bee Drea, this newly-created dance school specializes in boogie woogie and 1950s rock n roll. All you need to bring are a clean pair of indoor shoes and your enthusiasm. Let’s dance!

Roaring Twenties Events

Roaring Twenties Events

Party like the 1920s in the 2020s™ with events organized by original Queen Bee, Mandi Gould!
Exuberant, freewheeling, wild retro parties and themed immersive experiences in Toronto.


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