Bees’ Knees Represents in New York!

A quick update from Bees’ Knees dancer and instructor, Randy Panté. Earlier in October, Randy placed 1st overall at the Jack and Jills and 1st in the Solo Blues competition at New York’s Blues Blaze. He also represented Toronto in the invite-only “Champions” division! Woohoo!

You might ask, what are jack and jill competitions?

Well, a jack and jill competition is a format of competition in partner dancing, where the competing couples are the result of random matching of leaders and followers. This type of competition emphasizes the skill sets that are important in dance stlyles such as lindy hop/blues/ and rock and roll – partnership, connection, improvisation, creativity and musicality. Jack and jills are super fun because it’s not about how many moves you know, how well you dance with one person, or even how long have you been dancing for. At the end of the day, it really is just a celebration of great social dancing. 🙂