Bees’ Knees Dance is excited to include extra practice time for of our classes!

Each Lindy Hop class is followed by a 20 minute recess with DJ’d swing music during which your teachers will be available for questions and direct feedback. Stick around to practice your new moves, get a couple of social dances in with your classmates, or have your instructor help you through something that snagged you during the lesson!

You won’t need to rush out of the room after your class is over to make way for the next group. You’ll have time to keep dancing and practicing!

Class structure now looks like this:

50 minutes – Instructor-led learning
20 minutes – Bee-cess!

You’re also encouraged to join the Bee-cess period before your class to get in some extra dancing before your class begins.

If you have any questions or would like to offer us feedback on Bee-cess or our other programs, please contact us by going here.

Class dismissed!